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Monthly Archives: April 2014

    Chantilly Parents’ Night Out!

    By Shaun Resimont | April 27, 2014

    Take a well deserved night off from your usual duties, and drop the kids off at a local parents’ night out! You can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are sure to have a good time while socializing with lots of other children. Parents’ Night Out events are especially helpful if you... Read More

    Benefits of living in a Planned Community like Lansdowne

    By Jennifer Malloy | April 23, 2014

    Lansdowne, Virginia is master planned community built from scratch and carefully constructed right from the very first idea for it. It’s located approximately 10 minutes from downtown Leesburg, and about 45 minutes from Washington D.C.   If you’re not exactly familiar with a master planned community, you’re not alone. However, there’s a surprising amount of... Read More

    Need Inspiration to Decorate Your Herndon Home?

    By LeAnne Anies | April 22, 2014

    Where To Find Inspiration For Your Herndon Home Décor Are you working on decorating your home? Perhaps you want to spruce up your décor, but you aren’t sure where to start. Where can you find inspiration for your Herndon home décor, besides the obvious home décor magazines and websites? Here are some fun and creative... Read More

    SPRING Into Top-Dollar for Your Home!

    By Dawn Delgado | April 22, 2014

    Spring has sprung and if you’re thinking of selling your home, now is the time!  Wow buyers with a fresh spring cleaning.  Wouldn’t it be nice to save money by avoiding hiring a cleaning company and using items you already have in your home?  Well then here’s the perfect 10 budget-friendly tips for you: Use... Read More

    How to Make Your Home a Cut Above the Rest Potomac Falls Without Breaking the Bank!

    By Lisa Resnick | April 18, 2014

    It’s springtime and if you decided to put your home on the market to take advantage of buyer’s desire to buy now, while interest rates are low, you may find that your neighbors have the same idea. In Potomac Falls alone 29 of the 62 townhomes for sale have popped up on the market in... Read More

    Renovating Herndon Real Estate Properties: Do It Yourself Or Hire It Done?

    By LeAnne Anies | April 14, 2014

    Considering renovating your Herndon Virginia home?  We are!  We are considering remodeling our main and upper levels.  Our Herndon home is a standard colonial style home but offers a small galley style kitchen.  We would like to make it a very open floor plan for my executive chef husband to utilize the space better.  And... Read More

    What is the Most Commonly Forgotten Step in Buying a New Home in Aldie?

    By Alex Bracke | April 14, 2014

    If you’re like many home buyers, there is a chance you’re overlooking a very important step of the process, and I would argue it is one of the most important steps in the process.  The problem is that many real estate agents tend to overlook it as well!  I mean, you may have even purchased... Read More

    Reston’s Founder Turns 100 Today!

    By Casey Menish | April 10, 2014

    Happy 100th Birthday Robert E. Simon! Robert E. Simon was born on April 10th 1914 in New York City.  He would go on to become a real estate entrepreneur and eventually become the “RES” in Reston, Virginia.  Simon founded the community in 1964 and has watched it transform from a master plan to a thriving... Read More

    Ashburn Home Buyers Love Being Green

    By Justin Chaney | April 8, 2014

    Ashburn, VA – Ashburn home buyers make a lot of decisions when it comes time to find a new home in Loudoun county.  Making a home purchase, as well as an environmentally friendly purchase, is a bigger challenge and brokers like Justin Chaney at E4Realty understand.  Whatever shade of green a home buyer may be,... Read More

    Restaurant Hot Spots near Belmont Country Club

    By Charlie Bracke | April 7, 2014

    Living in luxury is a lot more than just how nice your home is.  Cars, recreation, and my personal favorite, food, are all extremely important considerations.  Luckily, Ashburn has a wide selection of exemplary restaurants to choose from on any given night on the town! With three locations in northern Virginia (Ashburn location is at the Broadlands... Read More