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Ashburn Home Buyers Love Being Green

Ashburn, VA – Ashburn home buyers make a lot of decisions when it comes time to find a new home in Loudoun county.  Making a home purchase, as well as an environmentally friendly purchase, is a bigger challenge and brokers like Justin Chaney at E4Realty understand.  Whatever shade of green a home buyer may be, from simple changes to floor to roof renewable resources, understanding how it works in harmony is key.  There are several ways homebuyers can selectively green their homes:  energy savers, health savers (non toxic, allergy- free), and sustainable future.  Homebuyers can also be a combination of the three. 

Energy Savers
Energy saving homes for sale in Ashburn should interest any buyer who would like to see a reduction in costs on their utility bills, which is a majority of people.  Energy savings includes Energy Star rated appliances, high efficiency furnaces and AC units, double pane windows, programmable thermostats, and whole house insulation.  While documentation of these features may be simple (i.e. date of installation receipt), proving their running at the maximum worth is not.  Homeowners may not track their receipts for each product and while a year’s worth of utility bills may offer some direction, an energy audit may still be useful.  An energy audit, which often runs as much as $500, can clearly point out parts of the home that are running behind in efficiency and will offer suggestions on how to improve them.

Health Savers
Next, the health savers see homes differently across Loudoun county than both energy or sustainable buyers.  Health minded homebuyers can spot an allergy risk immediately.  What may look like a harmless carpet to one buyer, may be an allergen soaked misery for another.  Having more hardwood flooring and less carpet is a very attractive item for health savers.  Homebuyers seeking to upgrade their homes can do so starting with the walls.  Top paint brands such as Behr and Sherwin Williams have created new low voc  or zero voc paint suitable for a wide variety of home painting projects.  In addition, health savers who seek to improve air quality within the home prefer a whole house air filtration systems which can effectively lower contaminates in the air.  Finally, knowing what kind of insulation the house has can also factor into the health dynamic.  Surrounding oneself in poorly made insulation can cause health issues later on.  Brokers like Justin understand that talking to the homeowners and asking the right questions can go a long way to alleviating health issues for allergen sensitive buyers.

Sustainable Savers
Finally, many Ashburn homebuyers looking to reduce waste, improve sustainability and make a smaller environmental impact will seek to build new homes that use upcycled materials, re-use existing materials and source locally for new materials.  Restoring a hidden wooden floor may be one part of their sustainability ideology but many others will find ways to bring it in full circle. Loudoun county homebuyers today don’t need to go it alone.  The National Association of Home Builders offers a Certified Green Builders (CGB) designation for completion of the coursework under their fully credentialed program.  By partnering with a CGB, homebuyers can successfully work their preferred sustainability ideals into the home of their dreams.

Financing and appraisals
Without a doubt, the upgrades in greening a home cost more than a regular home.  Ashburn home buyers understand the long term value of such upgrades but many mortgage lenders do not.  In addition, finding an appraiser who can support the green upgrades can be a challenge.  However, new guidelines from the Appraising Institute came out recently to re-structure the way green upgrades are measured in a home.  Be sure to ask for the optional paperwork that is associated with the new green updates or ask your appraiser about including it.  Lenders are also becoming more savvy to the green world of environmental awareness, but each situation will require individual assessment.

Getting it put together
The homes for sale in the Ashburn and Loudon county marketplace offer a wide variety of methods of going green.  From simple savers like programmable thermostats, all the way through to recyclable siding, homeowners today have a wider selection than ever before to choose from.  Reputable brokers from E4Realty and Justin Chaney at RE/MAX Gateway can help navigate Ashburn buyers to the best homes for their budgets.  Don’t wait on finding the perfect match- call Justin now at (571) 249-5232 or email him directly








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