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Author Archives: Nerene Merlino

    Flaws You Cannot Hide By Staging Your Alexandria Home

    By Nerene Merlino | May 6, 2014

    When you sell your Alexandria home, you want it look as good as possible. To do this, your real estate agent will help you stage your home or, if needed, help you find a professional to stage your home. This means de-cluttering your home, re-arranging furniture, and de-personalizing each room. A staged home is more... Read More

    Pick of the Month in Old Town Alexandria

    By Nerene Merlino | April 6, 2014

    In the heart of historic Old Town Alexandria, you’ll find a delightful French style café called Fontaine.The owners, sister team Kyong and Sunyi, unveils a distinctive café stemmed from the comforts of good food and European style to the savvy people of Old town. Fontaine serves a diverse selection of entrees and appetizers, but boasts... Read More

    Unique Find in the Heart of Del Ray

    By Nerene Merlino | March 1, 2014

    Northwest of Old Town Alexandria, there’s a quaint, serene community known as Del Ray. This community grew up around the railroad and could be considered one of the first commuting suburbs in the area. Del Ray comes together on Mount Vernon Avenue, where you will find one independently-owned business after another. The selection of local businesses include award-winning... Read More

    Why Old Town Alexandria Should Be Your Valentine’s Day Destination

    By Nerene Merlino | February 8, 2014

    The historic Old Town Alexandria is perhaps one of the top romantic cities in Northern VA. This town boasts of an exceptionally rich heritage still evident through its many old landmarks presently transformed into museums, historic sights and galleries.  Many of the late 18th century and early 19th century townhouses still remain and add to... Read More

    Tips For Selling Your Home In The New Year

    By Nerene Merlino | January 13, 2014

    Many people think that selling a Herndon home after the holidays and during the Winter season is a bad idea. Most people are not in the home buying mood, because they are thinking about the holidays. Also, buyers will think that you are desperate and they will give you offers that are less than list... Read More

    Pros And Cons Of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

    By Nerene Merlino | January 13, 2014

    When you are in the market for a new home, you may be faced with numerous options for financing your home. One of the choices you will have to make is whether to apply for a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage. In some cases, an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) may be your best option, but... Read More