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Author Archives: Dina Gorrell

    Townhouses in Fairfax with Condo Ownership – Advantages?

    By Dina Gorrell | May 20, 2014

    Many buyers are VERY adamant when they tell their real estate professional, “I only want to look at Townhouses, NOT Condos”.  But, they may not realize that there are “Townhouse-Condos”.  These homes have a townhouse structure with condominium ownership.  That is surprising to many buyers, and the next question they ask is, “What is the advantage of that?”... Read More

    Fairfax Club Estates – Hidden Gems

    By Dina Gorrell | March 14, 2014

    Spring Fever is upon us – and kids are itching to play outside!  If you lived in Fairfax Club Estates, you would have several wonderful choices to get out, stretch your legs and shake off the winter doldrums! Families love Middleridge Park, one of Fairfax Club Estate’s hidden gems.  It offers wide open space for children... Read More

    A Throw-back to the Past… Living Near Robinson Secondary School

    By Dina Gorrell | February 17, 2014

    Living near Robinson is very nostalgic.  It reminds me of a simpler, slower paced time when I was growing up.  Why? Because, Robinson is surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, allowing local seventh through twelfth graders the luxury of walking to school. Just like when I was a kid, Robinson students are protected by cheery crossing guards as... Read More