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Brick front homes in Potomac Falls!

Brawner Brick Front HomeThere will always be something beautiful about a brick front home. With shutters framing the windows, the brick provides richness whether it’s on a single family home or a townhome. It brings you back to the federalist architecture rooted in England. This style home was very popular in the United States in the late 1700s, early 1800s. And as you can see with a few modifications and a modern elegance it still is in Potomac Falls.

Throughout Great Falls Chase, Rivercrest and Cascades you will see these homes sculpting a neighborhood bringing an air of maturity and beauty that draws buyers in. These homes are highlighted by finally tuned landscaping that help welcome owners, family and friends to their front door. It is almost as if the green grass pops a little more next to the red brick exterior.L

Siding may seem much easier to care for and maintain. But a brick front home can be too!

Maintaining your home is just part and par for home ownership, and this remains true for brick front homes. For small holes, chips and cracks, paintable cement filler works perfectly for touching up individual bricks. And for a full cleaning all you need is a garden hose and a soapy solution. With a bristle brush (do NOT use a wire brush), wet, wash and rinse and you will find the exterior of your home looking fresh again.

The E4Realty Group is well versed in this style home and knows where they can be found right here in Loudoun County and all the counties encompassing Northern Virginia.

For buyers looking for a brick front home in Potomac Falls prominent neighborhoods adorned with this prestigious style are Potomac Lakes, Lowes Island, Quarterpath, Cascades, Great Falls Chase, Rivercrest, and Lowes Point.20379 Cottswold Terrace

Each neighborhood has its own appeal, and each neighborhood with brick front homes has been modernized to create its own neighborhood aesthetic.

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