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Chantilly Parents’ Night Out!

Chantilly Parents' Night Out!

Take a well deserved night off from your usual duties, and drop the kids off at a local parents’ night out! You can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are sure to have a good time while socializing with lots of other children. Parents’ Night Out events are especially helpful if you want to get a group of other parents together for a night, as there will be multiple trustworthy adults watching over your combined broods.

Lucky for us, we live in an area with plenty of opportunities, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a night that fits everyone’s schedules. Some upcoming events in Chantilly include:

Friday, May 2 at Kid Junction of Chantilly from 5-8 pm. Children ages 5-12 are welcome to attend.


Saturday, May 3 at the nZone from 5:30-9:30 pm. Babies to age 14 are welcome!


Saturday, May 3 at My Gym Chantilly from 6-9 pm. All potty-trained children are invited.


Friday, May 9 at My Gym Chantilly from 6:30-8:30 pm. Kids ages 6-12 are invited to this groovy Disco Dance Party!


For a full list of Parents’ Night Out events, including Kid’s Night Out opportunities and afternoon playtimes in the area, visit

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