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Digging for Information on Purcellville Homes for Sale?

This train station in Purcellville was once part of the W&OD railroad, now the western end of the W&OD trail.

This train station in Purcellville was once part of the W&OD railroad but is now the western end of the W&OD trail.

Where do you go for information on Purcellville Homes for Sale?  Savvy home buyers in Purcellville, throughout Loudoun County, and across Northern Virginia have discovered faster and better methods of finding key housing information.  It’s no surprise that smartphone use across the US is at nearly 60% and only expected to increase year over year.  Finding “an app for that” has become almost as much fun as finding the piece of information itself. 

Yet, after all the online research, smartphone apps and calculators, there is still one major resource to tap:  your buyer’s agent.  Northern Virginia home buyers know that no matter how great the property seems on an iPad screen or YouTube videos, a home has a front door and a RE/MAX Gateway buyer’s agent holds the key to accessing the property.

Show This, Not That

After reaching that first step of securing a home mortgage pre-approval, the next step is to personally visit the selected favorite properties from hundreds of Purcellville and Loudoun County Real Estate for sale options.  Sorting through the available Purcellville Real Estate for sale can take time, and a home buyer needs to have connections.  Connecting with a local buyer’s agent is like putting you at the front of the line for those concert tickets that are sold out.  The difference is that a buyer’s agent won’t cost you a penny, not even for the convenience fees.  They can however, put home buyers on the fast track to the local neighborhoods, Loudoun County homes for sale and active surrounding areas.

This can be an exciting time, comparing homes with endless possibilities and ideas, but it can easily become overwhelming.  Viewing more than three to five properties in a given afternoon, even with notes, typically runs counterproductive to the decision making process.  There is a reason why HGTV’s “House Hunters” show only talks about three properties that the buyers can consider for purchase.  Any more than three to five viewings (in a single day) and the information overload can be mind numbing.

Finding the right house can be a quick strike of luck, discovering the perfect home early in the process, but more times than not it takes patience, persistence and skill to weed out the properties that do not serve the buyer well while honing in on those key attributes which make a house a home.  As a Loudoun County home buyer, it’s important to keep your eye on the goal while enjoying the process.

There is no app for this

Keep in mind one of the most overlooked item on the home buying checklist:  the neighbors, an item completely outside of the control of your buyer’s agent.  Nothing replaces the real world experience of driving through the neighborhood you are considering moving into, morning, midday and evening.  This gives you an opportunity to see how much activity there is in the neighborhood which allows you to decide if this is a good fit for you and/or your family’s lifestyle.  Furthermore, do not underestimate the idea of doing a trial commute both to and from your potential new home.  Buyers remorse has been negated by this simple tip on numerous times.

Trust but confirm

Some of the homes on the market today have never looked better than on a YouTube video.  A showing appointment and visit may prove that the video is highly accurate when depicting the inside features of the home, however this visit is a also good time to take a walk around the yard and find what the video and listing sheets don’t tell you.   Stop and listen for a moment, and pay attention to what you hear, as well as what you don’t hear.  If the seller of the home is not available to chat with, see if any of the current residents are outside and say hello.  The friendlier types will be happy to offer free opinions if they are feeling chatty.

The E4Realty Group buyer’s agent will ensure that you not only have front door access to the homes you prefer, but that you have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about the homes you have viewed.  Becoming a knowledgeable Northern Virginia home buyer in a city such as Purcellville is simple when you access the best apps and best buyer’s agents.  Trust but confirm online information and always take your new neighborhood for a test spin.  

Loudoun buyers have a myriad of decisions to make regarding their next home and RE/MAX Gateway has the resources to help you find your next home.  Click here & scroll to the bottom of the page to send a question or request a complimentary consultation.

Let The E4Realty Group streamline and simplify the process related to Purcellville Real Estate for Sale for you by offering the professional experience you need and the local expertise to make a sale or purchase run smoothly from start to finish.

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