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  • Do I Really NEED a Realtor? The In’s and Outs Of Why Not Using A Good Realtor Can Harm You

Do I Really NEED a Realtor? The In’s and Outs Of Why Not Using A Good Realtor Can Harm You

Didn't Use A Realtor

Realtors are not all the same!  After doing many deals in the Northern Virginia area, I have come across some awful agents. When I say awful, I mean agents that do not represent their clients with the utmost honesty and professionalism.  That being said, I am now starting to realize why some people are asking themselves, “ Why do we need a Realtor? They don’t do anything.” If you have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an “awful agent”, do not let that hinder the image of what a top of the line agent will do for their clients.

When representing buyers or sellers, I make sure that every decision is made in their best interest.  Money should not be the deciding factor when an agent gives his clients advice. There are an abundance of legal contingencies when going through the process of purchasing a home. Though you may think you know what you are doing, just be aware,  the listing agent or builder rep, is there for the seller, not to help you in any way! Timing is everything once your contract is ratified. You must schedule home inspection, deal with HOA documents, appraisals, financing contingencies and much more. Each of the contingencies listed above are the buyers responsibility, and if you do not have an agent keeping track of these you will lose your contingencies, leaving you no way to escape from the contract without being in default. Also something to keep in mind, when a buyer decides to represent themselves without the assistance of a professional Realtor, not only will no sympathy be taken if there are mistakes, but legal ramification can be taken against you and your family if you decide to default in anyway, leaving you in a living nightmare. The best part for the other side, the listing will get an extra 3%  commission if you do not use an agent…Yay for them! I am completely free on the buy side; don’t risk your family and money for a “I think” I know what I’m doing. Feel free to contact me for all of your Fairfax, Loudoun and Price William County real estate needs, your experience will be nothing short of exceptional!


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