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    Fairfax Club Estates – Hidden Gems

    Spring Fever is upon us – and kids are itching to play outside!  If you lived in Fairfax Club Estates, you would have several wonderful choices to get out, stretch your legs and shake off the winter doldrums!

    Families love Middleridge Park, one of Fairfax Club Estate’s hidden gems.  It offers wide open space for children to run free, play sports, fly kites and walk their dogs.  (On leashes, please!)  Tennis players can swing away on either of two tennis courts, or if solo, hit up against the practice wall.  Bring the tykes so they can swing like monkeys on the nice sized jungle gym and yell “Look out below!” as they swoop down three slides.  The park is nestled within Fairfax Club Estates neighborhood, just south of the intersection of Zion Drive and Ox Road.

    Take a plunge!
    Take a plunge!

    What about Summer?  It will be here eventually!  And families will flock to the Fairfax Club Estates Pool, just off Snowy Owl Drive.  Shared with Middleridge community, this hidden gem is home of the “Flippers” Swim Team.  The lifeguards and HOA encourage fun by planning “Float Nights,” when inflatable rafts are welcome, and pool volleyball for some good old fashioned competition for all ages.  For the “Over 21” crowd, there is an Adult Social, with entertainment from a live DJ, alcoholic beverages served, and an assortment of treats brought from home.  Surrounding the pool property are a full court basketball court, tennis courts and playground for multi-season enjoyment.

    Hidden Gems – in the trees!  No matter the season, Fairfax Club Estates is alive with a canopy of mature trees.  Living here, you will enjoy evergreens, including holly, spruce, fir and cedars as well as deciduous trees, like oaks and maples which turn gorgeous colors in the fall.  In individual yards, and common areas alike, the trees host a variety of birds, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, possums and yes, families of deer.  For such a nature-friendly environment, Fairfax Club Estates is a very well maintained neighborhood, by both homeowners and the Fairfax Club Estates Homeowners Association.

    Although there are many “empty nesters” and original owners still enjoying the peace and quiet of Fairfax Club Estates, most of the families have school age children looking for fun.   To support the younger families, there are “Moms Play Groups” which are easy to join.  Fairfax County has some of the highest ranked schools in the country plus free amenities, like Burke Lake Park, and 4 libraries, including the new Burke Centre library just 10 minutes away.

    Burke Lake Choo Choo!
    Burke Lake Choo Choo!

    Residents also have their choice of grocery stores and shopping nearby, including Giant, Safeway, Wegmans, Costco, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Fair Oaks Mall.    To help with commuting, there are public Metro buses along the major roads in the community, plus the Virginia Railway Express is only minutes away.  The Vienna Metro is the closest station, about 20 minutes north of the neighborhood.

    For more information on Fairfax County, check out this guide.

    If all this appeals to you, as it does to me, I’m happy to help you start your search for homes in beautiful Fairfax!







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