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How to Make Your Home a Cut Above the Rest Potomac Falls Without Breaking the Bank!

It’s springtime and if you decided to put your home on the market to take advantage of buyer’s desire to buy now, while interest rates are low, you may find that your neighbors have the same idea. In Potomac Falls alone 29 of the 62 townhomes for sale have popped up on the market in the last 10 days. Of those 29 townhomes, 21 of them are already under contract. So if your price is right, and your home is comparable to other homes that have sold around you, it’s time to think of other ways to make your home more attractive before days on the market begin to make your property look unattractive.

One word that can make a huge difference in how your home shows … ORGANIZE! Organize every inch of your home! Make it look like no one lives there, or ever has lived there. People love a well-kept home. It makes them feel like the current owners took good care of the property and will likely convey in good condition. And always have the mindset that potential buyers will look behind every door in your home.

Here are a few budget friendly ideas to organize the top areas of your home:

  1. Your bedroom closet: Make sure it is not stuffed and get as many items off the floor as possible. Crown Molding to Hold ShoesYou can do this by hanging your boots with pant hangers, or use crown molding as shelving for your heels. Also, categorize and color code your clothing. Sounds crazy but it looks good and attracts buyers eye to the possibility of their own closet.
  2. The bathroom: There are lots of ways to help the linen closet look more organized. You can store sheets in matching pillow cases, use baskets to hold make-up and hair products. Also make sure your medicine cabinet is clean and organized too. You can add magnets to the inside to hang tweezers, or small mason jars to place Q-tips or cotton balls in.
  3. The garage: Buyers want to see the garage is capable of storing your car and more. While cleaning out your garage may not be the easiest task, there is definitely a payback when you get an offer on your home. Some ideas when space is limited are use 2x4s and hammer them into the framing to create shelves, use cables to store athletic balls or you can hang a peg board to with movable hooks to organize sports gear.

Cables to Store Athletic BallsThese are just some ideas I’ve picked up on Pinterest, where you can find tons of great organizing ideas for your home.

When you sign up with The E4Realty Group we offer a free home staging consultation prior to listing your home on the market. A professional home stager will walk your home, and give you all the insight you need on how to make your home look attractive to the majority of buyers!

But if you are one of those eight homes currently on the market in Potomac Falls trying to get your home sold in the next couple of weeks then maybe some of the ideas above will help!

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