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Is a Sense of Community Possible with New Neighborhoods?

When I work with clients, they have told me that they wonder if the two ideas are compatible: a brand new neighborhood that also has an established sense of community?  Particularly, in the case of new homes for sale in Aldie, there are several blossoming neighborhoods that have made this concept one of their hallmarks.


Stone Ridge

If you are considering purchasing a home for sale in Stone Ridge, it is one of the largest communities in Aldie, and yet boasts a close sense of community.  Stone Ridge just opened a new, state of the art public library in 2013, and on any given day you will see a bustle of neighborhood activity from the dedicated children’s section of the library to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings in the parking lot.



The new homes for sale in Willowsford offer home buyers an opportunity at what could be the standard-bearer in creating the sense of a long-standing community with deep roots, while at the same time the community grows with leaps and bounds with newly constructed homes.

Farm Stand

For instance, the 300-acre farm that remains on site produces fruits and vegetables that are sold at the community farm stand which is open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from May through November.  And while the farm stand is open to the public, it certainly serves as a convenient meeting place for neighbors!

Willowsford also uses its farm-focused community to provide cooking and gardening classes, which harken back to what feels like a different time when neighbors were more than just folks who lived nearby!


Westridge, Stratshire Crossing and Virginia Manor

These three communities have come together to form a single home owners association – Dulles Farms HOA.  While Stratshire Crossing is the only completed community of the three, the trio have two separate community anchors preparing to open this year.  In Westridge, there will be a brand new community center and pool opening in the early summer, and Virginia manor boasts a second draw for residents in a more child and family focused pool area which is set to open later in the summer.

Regardless of where you look for real estate in Aldie, you are sure to find a deep sense of community.

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