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Location! Location! Location!

They say location is one of the top important things for buyers to think about when purchasing a home. Some people are willing to live in a condo verse a single family just based on its location to the buyers most desired wants and needs. Buyers are also willing at times to purchase a home in a desired area that needs some updating or even major renovations. Why is that?

  • Proximity to work
  • Neighborhood
  • Access to roads, parks, public transportation and shopping
  • Traffic

Potomac Falls High SchoolNonetheless every once in a while you are able to get the home and all of the above! Throughout my previous blogs I have touched on most of how Potomac Falls falls under what we learned in real estate as “location, location, location.” I have mentioned Potomac Falls accessibility to major roads to help avoid traffic, as well as its close proximity to outdoor activities including Algonkian Regional Park and Trump National. I have even talked about the neighborhood and the phenomenal community that surrounds the area (at least in my opinion). But what I haven’t touched on but is very important to buyers with or without families are the schools.

There are five elementary schools and two middle schools that funnel students to two major high schools in Potomac Falls, Dominion and Potomac Falls High School. According to US News, Potomac Falls High is ranked 18th within Virginia. Students have the Dominion High Schoolopportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Potomac Falls High is 65 percent. Dominion High School is ranked 15th within Virginia. Students, hereto, have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Dominion High School is 74 percent. These schools received the Silver and Bronze medals in the U.S. News Best High School Rankings. Only Loudoun Valley High School (in Western Loudoun) ranked higher in the county.

So as you can see, Potomac Falls has everything you need! So when you are ready do not hesitate to call me, Lisa Resnick, I will be right here in Potomac Falls!

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