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Loudoun County Shifting Money Towards Technology Education

If you are looking to live in Loudoun County or already do you may be interested to know that over the next several years the Loudoun board has plans for fewer newer schools but raises its budget for a Loudoun Advanced Technology Academy to $121.18M, setting it as the top priority.


New school projects include a total of six new schools set to be constructed: two elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools, however, the largest project over the six- year period is the design and construction of the Technology Academy.

The new academy will feature  new opportunities for engineering, cybersecurity, information security, computer science and math modeling and health and medical services.


The director of instructional services for Loudoun County,Tim Flynn, noted, “This could be a hub for student and teacher research, a center for adult education, a testing center, summer STEM academies and more,” Flynn said. “The academy could offer plenty of opportunities to pay for itself. If possible we would never had to turn the lights off.”


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