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Why We’re Partners with Loudoun County’s Special Olympics

E4 Real EstateThough we are crazy about real estate, it’s only a part of our story. The E4Realty Group believes a house becomes a home when the community surrounding it truly becomes memorable. And one of the ways we’ve started supporting our community is through Loudoun County’s Special Olympics. The non-profit organization has one goal in mind: To provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-style sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. They bring in athletes from all over Loudoun County and create opportunities for them to show everyone what they can achieve. As a result, they build ever-lasting relationships with many of the county’s residents — and that, in return,¬†builds a great community. When a community has that tight-knit feeling, it has officially earned the title “home” in our playbook.

If you’d like to see what the Special Olympics Virginia, Loudoun County is currently planning, check out their website and learn about which ways you can help us build a stronger community together.

Ways We Support the Special Olympics Virginia

Though we are continually supporting the Special Olympics year-round, we did want to highlight a recent event we were at: The 4th Annual Special Olympics Golf Tournament. Last July, we went out to the Raspberry Falls Golf Course to cheer on the athletes. The weather was beautiful, people were excited, and more importantly, we got to see some awesome plays. We met a lot of amazing people and really saw the impact the Special Olympics has on the community as a whole. Without it, we know there would be a gap that wouldn’t just feel right.

That is why we’re starting a new campaign: To gather more support for the Special Olympics. We’ve witnessed how the community comes together at these events, and we want to make sure they receive continuing support from us and the community. To this date, we’ve donated over $15,000 to the Special Olympics; and we are asking anyone who wants to help us strengthen our community to donate as well. By the end of the year, we want to see this barometer filled up. You can directly support the Special Olympics by clicking the button below and donating a few dollars to the cause.

Click Here to Help Support the Special Olympics


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