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Our Suggestions for When You’re Looking for a Bigger Home

Is it time to upgrade your home to something a little bigger for your growing family or to provide you with a little more living space? As they say – bigger is better – and if you’re feeling a little cramped, you have probably outgrown your current home. In today’s blog post we’ll share a few suggestions on what you should be looking for when buying a bigger home in the Northern Virginia area.

Our Suggestions for When You’re Looking for a Bigger Home

Ask Yourself: What Do You Want in a Bigger Home?

Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: If I could have a bigger, better home, what would it look like? Jot down a few of the features that come to mind – perhaps you’d like a larger garage where you can have a work space, or a massive yard with a large patio so you can have friends and family over for dinner parties. What are your spouse and your children asking for? Do the kids simply want their own bedrooms and bathrooms or are they budding swimmers who would love to have a pool at home? Begin with the end in mind – picture the home that you want and we can work backwards from there.

Be Sure to Plan for the Future

As with any real estate purchase it’s important to peer into the future to picture what your life will be like in the next five or ten years. Are you planning on having more children? What about your working life – where will you be working and how long of a commute are you willing to put up with? You’re not just buying for today – you’re buying for tomorrow, next year, and perhaps the next twenty years. Give some thought to how those years will look to ensure you make the best buying decision.

Key Considerations for a Bigger Home

While every buyer has their own particular needs, there are a few factors that apply to all buyers that you’ll need to consider as you plan your home purchase.

The Amount of Free Space – How much free space do you want – or need? Dream ‘big’ as this is your chance to own the home that you’ve always wanted to. Once you buy this home you’ll likely be in it for a decade or more, so get as much space as you’ll need to enjoy yourself.

The Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms – How many bedrooms do you want? Remember that you can always use an extra bedroom as a guest room, an office, a fitness room or a media room. The same goes for bathrooms – if you’re tired of sharing a bathroom with the kids, consider a home with two, three or more.

The Price Range – You’ll need to have some sort of a price range in mind when you begin shopping for a new home. Remember that you’ll need to have a little flexibility here in case you end up in a negotiation with the seller or you decide on a bigger listing than you had planned for.

Ready to Explore a Few Listings? Contact Us Today

The team of professional real estate agents here at The E4Realty Group are move-up specialists, having helped dozens of clients upgrade to large, more expansive and more luxurious homes. When you’re ready to explore real estate options in your Northern Virginia community, contact us at 703.722.5018 or by email on quick contact form and we’ll be happy to assist.

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