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    Home Buyer Programs | The E4Realty Group

    By Eric Pearson | October 27, 2014

    Buying a home will probably be one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Choosing and settling down in a place you’ll call home for the next 5 years or more is enough to get anyone sweating (especially considering the financial investment). But at the same time, finding that “dream home” is a rewarding... Read More

    Is it a Good Time to Buy a Bigger Home?

    By Eric Pearson | October 21, 2014

    Are you thinking about upgrading to a newer, larger home? Congratulations – owning a bigger home is a liberating experience that provides you with a lot more flexibility in using your space. In today’s blog post we’ll explore whether or not now is a good time to buy a bigger home in Northern Virginia. Will... Read More

    Why Buyers Use The E4Realty Group

    By Eric Pearson | October 13, 2014

    You’ll have to excuse the sales pitch in this blog post, but one of the most common obstacles new home-hunters face is which agent they should use. There are dozens of real estate agents in any one market, so finding one that truly represents what you’re looking for can get difficult. So, in this article,... Read More

    What Kind of Buyer Are You?

    By Eric Pearson | October 6, 2014

    There are ten thousand ways to describe a home, and there are ten thousand different amenities you can find in any property. Because real estate is so diverse, finding the right home can often become like homework. You’ll spend hours on the computer, searching around, looking for the right match. And sometimes that search can... Read More

    A Home Buyer Success Story

    By Eric Pearson | September 23, 2014

    Yolanda and Kevin recently bought a house with the E4Realty Group. Their story was very unique, and we asked them if we could share it with you, so you could get a glimpse into how they bought a house. Here is a brief interview about their experience and what they realized about the home buying... Read More

    Why We’re Partners with Loudoun County’s Special Olympics

    By Eric Pearson | September 5, 2014

    Though we are crazy about real estate, it’s only a part of our story. The E4Realty Group believes a house becomes a home when the community surrounding it truly becomes memorable. And one of the ways we’ve started supporting our community is through Loudoun County’s Special Olympics. The non-profit organization has one goal in mind:... Read More

    Summer Activities To Do Near Lansdowne

    By Jennifer Malloy | July 27, 2014

      We may be deep into July, but summer isn’t done yet! There’s still plenty of time left to enjoy fabulous weather, preferably outdoors, before the colder weather creeps in. There’s so much to do in and around Lansdowne to keep yourself busy, but if you need some new options, grab some friends and check... Read More

    Ten Things to Do When Moving Into Your New Home

    By Dawn Delgado | July 25, 2014

    Did you take advantage of the low interest rates and hot spring market and are now moving into your new home? Here’s 10 things you should do either before moving in or shortly thereafter. Change the locks on exterior doors. As soon as the closing is over and you’ve gotten the keys to your new... Read More

    Reston Town Center’s World of Beer

    By Casey Menish | July 1, 2014

    In case you haven’t been to the Reston Town Center since the first week in June, there’s a brand new hot spot – World of Beer!  The new bar is located on the ground floor of the new luxury apartment building, The Avant.  World of Beer is a Florida-based franchise with two locations in Virginia... Read More

    Home and Radon Inspection – What You Need to Know

    By Jennifer Malloy | June 30, 2014

    When it comes to doing a home inspection, there are many who feel that testing for radon is an absolute must while others see no need for it. Radon is a natural, yet cancer-causing, radioactive gas that comes through the ground and into your home via small cracks or holes in the foundation. It’s caused... Read More