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Potomac Falls! Staying In Touch.

Bringing Neighbors Together

We at The E4Realty Group pride ourselves on being up-to-date on all of the relevant social media platforms to market our sellers’ homes as well as being the first to know of a property that could be the perfect one for our buyers.  Also, beyond just promotional opportunities, social media has become a way to connect the community and serve as a key organizing
tool to bring an area together.

In the Potomac Falls area both Countryside and Cascades have active Facebook pages. They are valuable resources for residents as you can use them to find recommended contractors or even get the word out about a special at the local Cold Spoon (I know, it’s hard to think about ice cream with winter never leaving!).  Do you have a specific interest like running?  How about the Cascades Runners Club, organized through Facebook.  Have an interest?  Chances are you can connect with your neighbors who share it.

No one can deny that social media has changed the way we receive the news and local associations have begun to catch on.  Twitter has been utilized to get the word out about everything from road closures to schedule changes for trash pick-up.

It’s easy to think that our increased reliance on social media can cause people to keep to themselves, but when used the right way it can be (and is) a valuable tool in connecting communities and bringing neighbors together.

The E4Realty Group goes beyond just finding you the perfect home; we can help you make connections!

So if you are new to Potomac Falls, do not fret – your neighbors are here to help you find your way through school registration, finding a family doctor, and planning a great night out!

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