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Renovating Herndon Real Estate Properties: Do It Yourself Or Hire It Done?

Considering renovating your Herndon Virginia home?  We are!  We are considering remodeling our main and upper levels.  Our Herndon home is a standard colonial style home but offers a small galley style kitchen.  We would like to make it a very open floor plan for my executive chef husband to utilize the space better.  And also add a large master suite upstairs.  Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or bath, it is always good to get some professional advice.

Sometimes, when buying – or even thinking about buying – Herndon real estate, you’re faced with the need to fix up the property.  The question then arises: Should I fix it up myself or hire it done?  Unfortunately, no one can give you the right answer.  However, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help decide the issue:

1.  Do I have The time?

Time is an issue that many people forget about, but it should be one of the deciding factors.  Some renovations, such as handles, hinges or kitchen hardware can take very little time to do.  Others, like retiling a bathroom, can take hours, or even days to accomplish.  If you don’t have the time to do these things personally, you’ve already answered the question.

2.  Do I Have The money?

Obviously, money is as important a factor as time.  Often, if you don’t have the time, you do have the money to hire someone.  However, if you have neither the money nor the time, you may need to reassess whether you can really afford the real estate you’re thinking of buying.  You may want to continue looking to find something that needs fewer repairs or that you can get at a lower price.

3.  Do I Have The Know-How?

Granted, there is a lot of do-it-yourself information out on the Internet.  However, if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to understand what they’re saying, you’ll either have to research more, or hire someone.  Being knowledgeable on what you’re doing may not be so important when, say, you’re painting the living room, but it’s incredibly important if you need to rewire a room or want to knock down a wall.

The main key when deciding on what property to buy, what renovations need to be made and whether to do it yourself is simple:  Be realistic.  Be honest with yourself.  Can you really do this?  Can you really afford it?  Remember, if the answer is “no,” it could just mean “not right now.” It is always a good idea to consult a Realtor to help you find Herndon homes for sale that require the right amount of work for you at the right price.  I have been a 13 year Herndon resident and Realtor!  I can help you find that perfect Herndon home for sale or another area in Northern Virginia.  Call me at 202-409-7513 or email at

Don’t be afraid to wait until you have everything in place before picking your property.  If you’re careful with your time and money management, you may find yourself able to buy that dream real estate property.

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