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Sell Your Home Faster in Ashburn

Ashburn, VA –Clients like to ask ma a familiar question when it comes to listing their home for sale – how can we sell our home faster?  Less than 20 seconds is all it takes to make a first impression and Loudoun county home buyers want to be very impressed!  Whether it’s located in Ashburn Farm, Belmont Country Club or Brambleton, with a few simple strategies, selling your home with a top of the line first impression can be fast and worry free.


Attractive curb appeal
Homes for sale in Ashburn often include fantastic interiors with thoughtful amenities.  But, no matter how great the interior may be, unless the outside “curb appeal” is enticing, the prospective buyers will have no reason to get out of the car.  Curb appeal is making a house look desirable and appealing by updating landscaping, cleaning walkways and enhancing the exterior of the home.  The first step is always the front of the property.  Think about creating a welcoming walkway, with a clean swept and uncluttered entrance.  Use a focal point to help engage the eye and draw attention to the door, such as a seasonal wreath or adding colorful flowers (in season). This can transform an otherwise plain porch into a bright spot. Look over the door itself, if the paint is chipped, sun faded or the handles are rusted, now is an excellent time to replace the hardware and use some fresh paint (check with the housing association if there are color restrictions).  Replace any worn or faded doormats as well.


Engaging entryways
After making sure the front of the home is spotless, take a long look at the entry point, just inside the door.  If mountains of piled shoes, coats and toys cover the floor, be sure to remove them to closets or storage.  Keep in mind that long floor runners and mismatched rugs can distract the eye and disrupt the flow of from one room to another. To help entice buyers to move further into the home, homeowners sometimes use air fresheners or candles.  Keep the scent uniform and light, never heavy or pungent, because many buyers are sensitive to odors.  A fresh, light scent from a candle is preferable in the kitchen and baths.  Often homeowners are so accustomed to the home’s normal indoor smells, they don’t even notice them.  While cigarette smoke is the number one turn off to home buyers, a sensitive sniffer can detect pet odor and heavy kitchen spices, such as garlic or curry, as well.  Invite a friend over and have them gauge the indoor scent or ask your listing agent.


De-clutter and depersonalize
Before a first showing, real estate agents recommend removing personal photos and family portraits.    Removing personal items is critical to selling a home because the buyer needs to envision themselves living in the home and making it their own.  Also, a home owner wants to see themselves using the kitchen and having spacious countertops and sparkling appliances.  Removing knickknacks and typical items like jars, spoon sets and knife racks from the kitchen area will eliminate distractions.  Homeowners can apply the same concept to bedroom closets.  If possible, take out seasonal clothes and pack them into storage, out of sight, to loosen up the space.  Big closets are an important checklist item for many buyers.


Selling points
Realtors know that kitchens and baths sell homes, but making a first impression from the curb or driveway is vital to prospective Ashburn home buyers, too.  Taking the time to do a quick clean-up of the front doorway, the entry way, kitchen countertops and bedroom closets will go a long way to making a home feel more open and inviting, enticing buyers to quickly make an offer.

We, at E4Realty Group from Gateway RE/MAX, can offer much more than fast tips on selling your Loudoun county home.  Put my experience to the test and contact me today at







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