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Time To Put Back All The Holiday Decorations

If you are like me your house tends to look like the Griswold’s at Christmas.


The exterior of our house has 1000’s of feet of lights, characters, 100’s of feet of garland and wreaths galore. The inside looks no different more lights, more garland, tons of ornaments, and 2 trees.  The day after Christmas my husband and I look at each other and know between today and New Years Eve everything gets put away for next year.

Over the years I have learned my lesson about making sure everything is put back in an organized fashion.  Not only will this make next year easier on me but it helps keep things looking nice year after year.  I have some strings of lights for the out side of our house for over 4 years and they still look good.

A few years back I came across the IHeart Organizing blog.  Below are some of her great ideas for how to store your holiday decorations.

Here, you can see this Gladware container is PERFECT for housing all of our spare ornament hooks and all those extra Christmas bulbs for the strands of twinkling lights!
And these Ziplock storage bags, big and small, are perfect for keeping together different Christmas decor accessories, such as sparkly snowflakes and rolled up Christmas tree ribbons!
I like re-purpose this decorative star box as instant bulb storage.  Inside, the mini bulbs that I use as vase fillers, fit perfectly and stay separate to be used again next year!
I also re-purposed a gift box to corral all my many strands of silver tree beads.
The few glass items get wrapped up and put inside a box for extra security! (of course, this photo is just showing what’s in the box, I do a MUCH better job wrapping them up!) 
Once ALL of my Christmas decor is separated in their respective bags, boxes, Gladware, etc… then they all get placed into a Jumbo sized storage bin…
Notice the ornaments?  Those ones are fantastic “shatter proof” ornaments, which require a lot less care than the typical glass bulb.  So, they stay in their original packaging when not in use.
The rest of the ornaments?  They are a lot more fragile so they get to live in special canvas ornament bins, which have nice dividers to keep the bulbs from crashing and smashing!
I also keep a special bin just for Christmas light strands, which I wind up and band.  Another bin is dedicated solely to Christmas linens, such as stockings and tree skirts.
Once everything is in it’s place, the bins get stacked up and ready to be put away in our storage room until the next joyful holiday.
Here is a little glimpse of the handy labels on the bins, this makes for quick and easy identification:

I hope that some of the great ideas from Iheart Organizing have inspired you.  The only other thing that I have added to my list is I keep one little box out for about a week or two after I think I am done.  I always tend to find extra things laying around the house or I end up going to the store and picking up some great clearance items for next year.  Hope you had a great holiday season!  Now go have fun packing it all up for next year!

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