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Time to Winterize Your Loudoun County Home


Another Loudoun County winter is looming ahead and it’s time to winterize our homes.  What’s winterization you ask?  Winterization is preparing your home for the cold winter months ahead.  Not only is winter maintenance crucial to avoid potential damage to your home, it can also save you money on energy bills.  Here are a few things you can check to ensure your home survives the cold months:

Turn off your outside water lines

As we all remember from high school science class, water expands when it freezes.  Remember to shut off your external water valves and drain your outside faucets to prevent frozen water from cracking your pipes!

Weatherproof doors and windows

Check the weatherstripping and caulking around your doors and windows to make sure your heat is being contained inside your house.

Inspect Furnace

A professional inspection of your furnace is fairly inexpensive and can shave dollars off your heating bill.

Change Filters

Changing the filters of your HVAC unit once a month is recommended to keep your heating system at optimal performance.

Proper Insulation

Older home’s insulation especially has a tendency to deteriorate.  Adding or replacing insulation can more effectively buffer your home from the cold external temperatures.

These are just a few ideas to help keep you nice and cozy in your home this winter.  For more tips and information visit





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Shaun Resimont

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