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What is Aldie’s Hottest Trend in New Home Construction?

Main Level Owners Suite

With all the new homes for sale cropping up in Aldie, a main level master suite is becoming an increasingly common amenity.  For some of my clients, a main level master suite just makes sense: their children have moved out of the home, their needs in a home have changed and it simply is easier to keep all the day-to-day rooms on one level while leaving enough space for guests (or even, dare I say, grandchildren!) to visit and stay upstairs.  But what about my younger clients – what is making this trend stick with their demographic when they look at new homes for sale in Aldie?

For many, it comes down to one word: family.  I recently helped a young couple sell their home in Stone Ridge and purchase a new home in the Willowsford community in Aldie and they opted for the first floor master suite, not so much for their own sake, but because they wanted to leave the option open that perhaps their parents may choose to move in with them in the future.

Others still see the first floor master suite as an opportunity to plan for their own future.  A home is a big investment and one that may need to be as relevant and useful to you in 15, 20 or even 30 years as it is today.  So for many of my clients, they are adding a main level or ground floor master suite to their home as a means of allowing their home to continue meeting their needs for decades to come as they, too, may opt for fewer trips up the stairs each day in the coming years.

It should not be overlooked that the discussion of main level master suites is made possible namely because of the large number of new homes for sale in this area.  While it is not impossible to find such a floor plan design in a resale home, it is definitely not common.  If you think a main level master suite may be of interest to you, feel free to reach out to me at, and I would be happy to discuss the options available to you with new homes in Aldie or Stone Ridge.

Whether motivated by family or by your own needs currently or in the future, the main level master suite is a design feature that can provide a private retreat that is easily accessible, just steps away from the daily living area of your home.

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Alex Bracke

Alex is originally from the Midwest and has lived in Northern Virginia for several years. With a background in Law Enforcement, Alex uses his unique expertise of the area combined with the Midwestern values he learned early in life to provide his customers with truly unparalleled service. Alex enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends, or in most any outdoor activity to include hiking, playing tennis or basketball, working in the yard, or touring the local breweries and wineries.

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