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What’s happening in your neck of the woods, Potomac Falls?

This infamous question asked daily by Al Roker on The Today Show exemplifies what real estate agents need to know when helping you buy or sell a home in Potomac Falls. We live and breathe many areas around the Northern Virginia area and have various connections them. But let’s face it, where you live is what you truly know and often it’s easier to sell.

When I first moved out to Potomac Falls, I fell in love with the area.

As a girl who was used to living closer to Washington, D.C. and having public transportation right at my fingertips (and the nightlife), I made the move full steam ahead.  I was 100% willing and excited about moving to Loudoun County, and more specifically Potomac Falls.  It just felt like home.

Explore all that DC has to offer.

To me Potomac Falls provided the perfect accessibility to the city and the vineyards.

I had more than one route option to go anywhere!  I didn’t have to be stuck in traffic on Rt. 495, 66 or 50. I could take Georgetown Pike to Dominion making my way past the monuments.  And now, soon enough, I will be able to hop on the Weihle Avenue Metro!

And the vineyards are no longer a world away.  It now only takes me 30 minutes to get to Tarara, one of

Listen to music and enjoy time with family and friends at Tarara Winery!

my favorite vineyards in Leesburg.  My family and I can enjoy a picnic out in Western Loudoun and be home in time to do a few things around the house.

Inventory is not very high in Potomac Falls.  In January 2014 there were only 40 active listings out of more than 11,000 homes.  But hopefully as the snow begins to thaw the options for buyers will begin to rise.  With the market stabilization and home values rectifying, home owners may be willing to make that move they have been contemplating over the past few years.

So if you are looking to buy or sell in Potomac Falls, keep Lisa Resnick with The E4Realty Group partnered RE/MAX Gateway in mind. There is no one better to list your property or help you find a home. I know every corner of this zip code and take advantage of it every day!

Potomac Falls is a great place to be!

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